More Virus Lies. CDC Lies and Gets Caught.

Excuse the encyclopedia of links, but it is essential to my thesis.

The CDC Narrative Writer, probably an intern, blew it on the Monkeypox Show. The original Narrative had floated the plot that Monkeypox was not airborne, but rather, it spread via “body secretions.” But … the CDC, in all of its rush-rush to regain control over the mask narrative, flushed out guidance for the Monkey thing by recommending that people wear masks. Many in the medical community actually spoke up and corrected this recommendation, stating, “Hey, it’s not an airborne disease!”


The CDC recommended masks for travel, then just one day later it rescinded that call for masks during travel.

Then some of the “experts” came back and said … “wait a minute … it can be airborne.” The New York Crimes noted, “An abrupt change in C.D.C. guidance underscores a little-known phenomenon: On occasion, monkeypox can be transmitted through aerosols, similar to the coronavirus.”

The latest and greatest is that “monkeypox means of transmission may have changed and scientists don’t know why.” This leaves the germ fantasy wide open for quick-and-easy changes to the fairy tale. To add to that, we now (apparently) have confusion over the definition of “airborne” — because modern science just can’t accomplish the goal of defining words. The consensus is confused.

You see, this is all one big comedy show. Pathological liars can never keep their stories straight.


9:41 am on June 25, 2022