More Thanksgiving Rebels!

Our third group of Defiant Diners met in Arizona, according to Adam: 

We had a thanksgiving dinner about a week early (flights are cheaper!) with 10 people from four households in three different states (Nevada, Arizona and Texas).  One close relative (70+) even tested positive for covid and had been sick just a few days prior – but her husband passed recently and there was no way we would let her spend the holiday alone.  She just spent most of her time outdoors (the weather is great this time of year where we live) – except to go to the bathroom – and we all washed our hands regularly, something we’d do just the same if she’d been sick with anything else.  She was almost giddy when we told her that we’d still be happy to have her.

Poor lady! Doesn’t her fear of being abused as a leper break your heart? How dare politicians create such hysteria that grandparents assume we’ll abandon them because they sniffle!

We had brined and grilled turkey, stuffing, loaded mashed potatoes with beef bacon (we don’t eat swine), 

Politicians will be relieved to hear that.

Hawaiian rolls and Kentucky buttercake.  Not a mask in sight, and I am happy to report that a week later – not a soul is sick.  Best decision we’ve made this year, and we’d make it again in a heartbeat!

We aaaalmost did it in California as an overt act of defiance to King Newsom, but AirBnBs proved too expensive this time of year.

Hey, maybe next month for Christmas!


11:55 am on November 27, 2020