More Strikes Against the Jab

Monnie Matthews reports,

Walkout Wednesday is really getting traction here in northwest Washington state.

[Three] days ago I participated in a rally at yet another area hospital—this one in Everett, with about 200 “mostly peaceful” protesters present. The general consensus is that we’re fed up with capricious tyranny and we’ve drawn the line at mandatory toxic jabbing. 

I talked to a 20-something pharmacy assistant employed by the hospital who was born in eastern Europe. She said she’s protesting because she and her family see America quickly becoming Communist and they’re alarmed. 

Why won’t the sheeple listen to Communism’s numerous victims? Or do they listen but dismiss these witnesses?

Then there was a case worker who came out to talk to us on her lunch break. Her husband is an area firefighter. Neither of them will get the jab although both may be fired soon for taking this principled stand. 

This case worker told us about 25% of the hospital’s doctors are as yet unjabbed, that many who took the shot did so reluctantly, and that she knows several who got the “vaccine” and now regret it. She said the Delta variant is a joke because there’s no test for it (she’s also aware that the CDC has admitted the PCR test is fatally flawed). She went on to inform us that most of the Covid cases at this hospital are vaxxed patients, and that it’s common knowledge at the hospital that most of their Covid patients got the jab about three months before their Covid symptoms because serious enough to be hospitalized. 

As we left the parking garage, the attendant said my smile told him I must have recovered from the ailment that took me to the hospital. When I told him I was there for the protest, he said he wanted to be out there with us. 

Later that afternoon, a retail store clerk said she was glad to see me without a mask, and she let me know she’s aware of the scam. Then, at a restaurant, I asked the greeter why there were so few customers. She replied that many people are afraid to dine or are worried that the state “emperor” is about to shut down restaurants once again. She has not been jabbed, and she is aware of the depopulation agenda.

As a side note, there’s also widespread protesting of school mask mandates for children. 

Defy, resist, rebel!


11:12 am on August 21, 2021