More Research Papers

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4. Adam Martin, The limits of liberalism: Good boundaries must be discovered. The link.

Martin contrasts two supports for (classical) liberalism, ex ante voluntarism and ex post exit. He argues that the ex post exit option has been undervalued as an option and that it can overcome some difficulties with ex ante consent.

5. Joshua C. Hall, Institutional convergence: Exit or voice? The link.

“My conditional convergence estimates suggest democratic institutions do not contribute to conditional convergence. Exitability, a variable that captures how easy it is for citizens to ‘vote with their feet’ is related to the change in economic freedom from 1980 to 2010 in a statistically significant manner across all specifications. This provides some [evidence of] the importance of ‘exit’ versus ‘voice’ with respect to the question of institutional change.”

6. William Easterly. The link. This takes you to the web site of Prof. Easterly. He has many publications; the working paper section provides some accessible selections.


9:08 am on January 7, 2019