More Reports of Ukrainian Jets Hiding Near Civilian Aircraft

Zerohedge has new reports from Russian witnesses concerning Ukrainian jets hiding near civilian flights, including MH17.

In addition, a video made a month ago (June 18, 2014 can be seen as the publication date by watching it on youtube) alleges this tactic was being used at that time.

The possibility remains that Kiev air traffic control diverted the flight path of MH17 in order that it could be used as cover for Ukrainian fighter jets. The government has seized the air traffic control recordings.

These reports support the view that the White House prematurely has called Putin culpable regarding MH17. The White House has its own agenda that it is pushing that is out of step with the intelligence within the U.S. government that does not posit Putin’s involvement but suggests a “mistake” by separatists.


7:08 am on July 28, 2014