More Reports From the Trenches

As WWIII enters its seventh wearisome month, resistance builds. A tad slow in coming, certainly, but let us welcome the lawsuits (albeit 6 months late), the protests (why didn’t folks simply defy the anti-constitutional and unenforceable mandates? Why don’t they now instead of wasting time and energy asking permission to defy them?), and Parson Goat’s repentance (he should never have closed the church in the first place, but at least he’s vowing not to do so again).

Meanwhile, patriots chronicle their battles against the enemy’s sacred fetish, the mask.

Bo writes from Texas:  

Twice in a week my wife and I went to fancy high-end restaurants. Once to celebrate our anniversary and second just because we wanted to.  Both times we were met at the door with BIG signs saying we have to wear fear masks. If we didn’t have one they would provide one. Well, we do not wear those things but we wanted good food. Imagine that: They gave us napkins we could hold in front of our faces. Napkins?? As soon as we sat down we could dismiss the napkins. After that, we were free to go to the restroom, to the bar, back to the car to get something, move around. No need for fear masks. It’s a joke. Oh even better: We were sitting at a table and enjoying our food. The restaurant wanted to show 75% occupancy I guess so ONE table was closed. Until some customers came in and wanted to sit outside too. Then it was open. None of this makes sense to anybody.

His wife also

had to be admitted to the hospital for a few days (minor thing).  Of course, hospitals are fanatics about the fear masks so I for once had to succumb and wear one just to visit my wife. All the nurses agreed this was stupid and no reason for it. Still, they all wore fear masks.

The only people I saw not wearing fear masks were?? Yes, correct. Doctors and surgeons. They were walking up and down the aisles with no mask. They came into my wife’s room on their rounds without masks. Why are doctors not wearing the fear mask? 

Oh, I think we all know the answer to that.

From Texas, JVC relates,

Last week on my weekly trip to town for feed and groceries, I noticed that the Walmart “greeter” was not at the start of the entrance alley offering masks to the great unmasked public.   Today, not only was the greeter missing, but all the ropes and barricades that delineated the entrance and exit files were gone too.  Now I’m rather isolated here on the ranch, and do not watch TV, so I thought for a moment that the great masquerade was over at last.  However seeing the (slim) majority of shoppers still covered up quickly disabused me of that notion.  The final grin came at check out.  The young lady was wearing some sort of mesh stocking around her neck and mouth–nose uncovered.  I commented that it looked like she could breathe freely and she just laughed, and gave me a big thumbs up for being sans mask myself.  Then as I was taking my change, she asked that I not report her as some other customer had. 

When did the land of the free become the home of the snitch?

Brutus in South Carolina recounts that he  

Went to the local feed and seed yesterday and my wife said I would have to wear a mask as they will tell me to.  I said no problem as the owner is pushing 70 or so and it is his store.

Standard sign on the door said only 3 people allowed in side and you had to wear a mask.

A young couple were heading out [with their child] and all three averted their eyes from my maskless face and I decided not to speak to them, which I would usually do in a corporate store.

There is nothing more wimpy than a man who will not make eye contact with another man, especially in close proximity to his wife and child.

I had my mask in my hand and, as I noticed the owner was not wearing a mask, I put it in my pocket.

We had a good conversation as I purchased some seeds and plants and we each talked about our gardening plans. …

Trip to Lowes Sunday went without a hitch.  Saw several without masks and I spoke to one couple, saying it was good to see someone who was not following false information from a corrupt government.  They laughed and said not on your life.  I said you must not watch TV and they said no we don’t watch much at all.  I responded as I walked away, “You can tell who watches TV, they are wearing masks. “ Now, this did get a few looks from the masked covidiots in the aisle.

Sal Fariello in Florida recalls

how the mayor of Ocala vetoed the mask law there and then the City Council overrode the veto. Then the Marion County Sheriff mandated that no deputy would be allowed to wear a mask! He stated that wearing masks had no science to back it up.

How unusual: an honest cop!

Now, although all stores in Ocala have the mask requirement posted, maskless customers are routinely shopping in all of them and no employees are saying anything. This includes Publix Supermarkets! I recently talked to some store employees in Ocala (not a Publix employee however, where I still refuse to shop) and all say they are fed up with the masks and have had enough with feeling sick all day wearing those filthy diapers on their face.

JD in Louisiana  

work[s] in a large retail establishment. I see all manner of masks, from the usual black or white cloth, to the chic Ralph Lauren. The ones that really get me, though, are the “neck gaiters.” Men come into the store covered from nose to shoulders. Some also wear cowboy hats and dark glasses. My occasional “Howdy Tex” greetings are rarely met with reciprocal good humor. I am heartened, however, at the increasing number of customers coming in with no mask at all. Maybe that mask curve is starting to flatten.

Here’s hoping! How closely the serfs hug the very chains binding them…

I never wear a mask in the open air, but I keep one draped over the turn signal in the car for use at the grocery store. I carry my mask across the parking lot and slip it on when I go past the “mask monitor,” who is usually sitting at a table staring at a cell phone. Once inside I remove my mask. No store employee or customer has ever said a word. Most of the store workers are wearing masks below their nose or even under their chin. On my last two trips to the grocery store the cashier wasn’t wearing a mask at all, though she was behind one of those now ever-present plexiglas “sneeze guards.”

I have a neighbor that lost his eyesight in an offshore oil rig accident. I occasionally drive him to make a deposit at his credit union. Up until recently we always went to the drive-through. On each trip, however, I noticed a large, heavy-duty sheriff’s department pickup truck parked in the space before the front door. Why? On a visit to the inside I soon found out. As we entered the building, a deputy seated at a desk looked up from his cell phone and barked “pull down your mask for the camera!”  I muttered  “how about I take it off altogether?” I removed my mask and stuck it in my shirt pocket. Neither the deputy nor any employee said a word. My bank, a mile or so away, has never had any uniformed guards, public or private. They did, however, operate until very recently on a drive-through only mode. The building is now open but with a strict mask-wearing policy and “social-distancing” guidelines all over the lobby.

I have developed some ability to gauge a person’s emotions even when they are masked. I drove to the post office to drop off some bills just before Hurricane Laura hit. I went inside without a mask. It was after hours, only the lobby was open. I wasn’t about to enter a deserted building wearing a mask. On the way out I opened the door and nearly ran into a lady, perhaps in her early forties. Even with her face covered in a mask I could read her expression. “How dare you come so close to me without a mask!” Mind you, all I could see were her eyes. Her expression changed to one of contempt as she took two steps away from me before entering the post office. By the time I returned to the car and began backing out, she exited the building, sans mask. I honked the horn, smiled, and gave her a thumbs up. Her look was now clearly one of surprise. That look quickly turned to one of chagrin. I had “unmasked” her mask obsession.

I’d estimate 95% of the Morons don a muzzle either to advertise themselves as virtuous (a status that’s debatable, to put it kindly, which makes them hypocrites) or because they habitually conform (how pathetically weak!). Either way, they’re part of the problem.

Your naked face is the solution.

Captain”  Will Taylor in 

occupied Alabama … went to Home Depot a couple of weeks back, and I had to go to the bank today to wire some money. Of course, der Furher’s “mandate” was extended for a third month until early October. On both occasions, I walked in, did my business, and left without issue and not wearing my state-mandated face diaper. While I was the only person who wasn’t a subservient weirdo, no one treated me any different than they would have normally.

My take away? The people around here are taking the path of least resistance but their hearts are not in it. They know this is all a farce.

Yo, Masked Alabamians: THROW IT AWAY! Embrace your heritage of freedom and rebellion, for pity’s sake.

Finally, Your Intrepid Reporter was scurrying up one of New York City’s Avenues at breakneck speed; I usually outpace everyone except giants with legs six times longer than mine. And that was before WWIII. Now that the Morons deprive themselves of oxygen, I beat even Goliath.

But yesterday, from the corner of my eye, I glimpsed a pair of white sneakers flashing alongside me. How could that be? When a red light finally stopped us, I nigh smacked my forehead: of course! The woman beside me was freely breathing sans mask! Nor was one even in sight, festooning her neck or dangling from her hand. 

I flashed a thumb’s up and grinned big-time. “Good for you! No mask!”

To my astonishment (remember, this is New York City, headquarters of Marxists and nutjobs), she replied, “I never trust any politician. They say to do something, I don’t.” 

Her thick accent was Eastern European. I wondered about the tyranny she’d fled.

And why Americans aren’t nearly as wise as she.


10:48 am on September 19, 2020