More Illusions Than Houdini 

A trio of Democratic lawmakers introduced legislation Thursday that would label racism as a nationwide public health crisis.

The bill, titled the Anti-Racism in Public Health Act, was created by Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and Reps. Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.) and Barbara Lee (D-Calif.).

Nor is their evil original. States and counties have enacted similar discrimination.

If passed, the bicameral proposal would establish two new wings

Ah! Maybe it will fly away and leave us alone.

within the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC): The National Center for Anti-Racism and the Law Enforcement Violence Prevention Program within the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control at the federal agency.

Scott in Colorado alerted me to this story even as he mused about it. He

Think[s] the Covid hoax and the BLM are two heads of the same coin: “Cancel culture.”

BLM does it by looting and fires; up front intimidation.

Gov’t oppression does it with mask laws, lock-downs, fines, jail.

But the end result is the same: We are losing our culture, freedom, and basic human rights.  Of the two, I am most concerned about the gov’t oppression for the following reasons:

It is ubiquitous – everywhere present.  I can’t go anywhere without seeing, “No mask, no entry”.

The gullible public is fine with what the gov’t is doing (“They’re keeping us safe.”)

Everything the gov’t does is “legal”. (Quote from Martin Luther King, Jr.:”Everything Hitler did was legal.”).  So what is our recourse, if the courts also support their own source of income, the gov’t itself?

Ha! The $64,000 question (with inflation, it’s more like the $5,663,723 question. Thank you, Rulers, for robbing us not only via taxation but with your fiat money!).

Meanwhile, COVID and BLM share another horrific trait.

Both are so innocuous that “authorities,” whether “Public Health” or Marxists, must inform us that we are infected with them. COVID causes no symptoms in most victims; only a test—and a highly suspect one at that—confirms the germ’s presence. Likewise, “systemic racism” causes no harm: it’s not as if lynched corpses hang on street corners or we sell and buy black people at the market. No, we “know” “systemic racism” exists only because Marxists who profit from it so label prudent or innocent behaviors,  such as locking our cars when driving through areas high in crime. But proponents can no more point to actual evidence of this malady than “Public Health’s” minions can point to hospital beds or morgues overflowing with fatalities from COVID.

Both the plandemic and “systemic racism” are illusions. Scott added 9/11 to them as we approach its anniversary:

2001 – 2020  “War on Terror” – the enemy is invisible, and only the gov’t can see it (and tell you when it’s safe to come out).

2020 – ____  “War on Corona” –  (see above)

2020 – _____ “War on racism” – (see above)

All three, same M.O., and putting power into the hands of a few.

Wouldn’t it be refreshing to confront a real enemy for a change rather than one of government’s hobgoblins? Then again, the State is not only all too real but the most lethal enemy of all.


5:02 pm on September 4, 2020