More Good News!

Along with our nationwide attempt to salvage civil society go entrepreneurs’ endeavors to preserve the pleasures of the marketplace. 

Mark Higdon articulated thoughts I’ve been musing, too:

What boggles the mind is the sheer, excruciating torture these “reopening” fiats impose on what used to be pleasurable commercial experiences. Who, but a sheeple going to its shearing, would pay to play by these rules? … I’m looking forward to an indefinite future of long hair and meals at home, while I watch the salon and restaurant industries finish circling the drain. This kind of tyranny makes the TSA look almost benign by comparison.”

I responded that

the State is doing its best to destroy all pleasure in the market (hmmm…by design? How can the State NOT be jealous of the market? We ENJOY our transactions there or we wdn’t make them, whereas govt must force us to every interaction w/ it. And the market is so very powerful—far more powerful than politicians. So yep, I think they’re desperately jealous and out to destroy economic freedom, pride and fun). 

I recalled our exchange today when I read that the the despicable Mark Cuban (“Mavericks owner and billionaire” for those of you who, like me, were blissfully ignorant of this louse) paid snitches to “go to popular restaurants and stores around the Dallas [sic] to see if they were following the health guidelines set out in the governor’s reopening order.” Happily, they found that “nearly all of them failed to comply with all the health provisions laid out in Gov. Greg [“Stalin”] Abbott’s plan to reopen the state’s economy”! A laughable and measly “4 percent …completely complied with the order.”

Even more good news: some of the comments at Cuban’s blog, where he announces this exploit (and which, I assume, only fans routinely read) deplore his fear-mongering and his espionage against businesses. As Roger Young, who sent me this story, said, “If I had a business in Dallas county, I’d hang a large banner out front that said, ‘Mark Cuban not welcome here!’”


12:07 pm on May 9, 2020