More Drivel Straight from the Horse’s Hindquarters

Like one of the Clintons, recessive genes, or the flu, Michael Hayden keeps popping up for no good reason. This nutjob is retired from everything except making money: he’s currently a “principal” at The Chertoff Group, the collection of ex-sponges Michael Chertoff, the ex-Chief Blowhard at the Department of Heimat Sicherheit–whoops, I mean Homeland Security, started so that when their lucrative stints at the public trough ended, his cronies could continue sucking the blood of the credulous. Otherwise, Hayden’s only a has-been: former kapo at the NSA, former Führer of the CIA, former general in the Air Force, etc., etc. Yet the media constantly quotes this sociopath, as if there isn’t a whole federal government full of other unconscionable bores. Just as frequently, Hayden’s blabbing at some gathering or other as the keynote speaker. I don’t get it.

Anyway, someone better remind Diarrhea Mouth of his right not to incriminate himself under the Fifth Amendment. Or of the many Proverbs in which the good Lord advises us to remain silent rather than spew foolishness. Catch these comments from “a speech at Washington and Lee University,” where Hayden

opined on signals intelligence under the Constitution, arguing that what the 4th Amendment forbids changed after September 11, 2001. He noted that “unreasonable search and seizure,” is prohibited under the Constitution, but cast it as a living document, with “reasonableness” determined by “the totality of circumstances in which we find ourselves in history.”

He explained that as the NSA’s leader, tactics he found unreasonable on September 10, 2001 struck him as reasonable the next day, after roughly 3,000 were killed. “I actually started to do different things,” he said. “And I didn’t need to ask ‘mother, may I’ from the Congress or the president or anyone else.

Wow. Pause a moment to let that sink in, to understand all that this megalomaniacal tyrant implies. And yeah, we’ll wait while you go lose your cookies. I felt much better after I so indulged.

OK, all set? Here’s more of this criminal’s confession:

It was within my charter, but in terms of the mature judgment about what’s reasonable and what’s not reasonable, the death of 3,000 countrymen kind of took me in a direction over here, perfectly within my authority, but a different place than the one in which I was located before the attacks took place. So if we’re going to draw this line I think we have to understand that it’s kind of a movable feast here.”

Always instructive to see the thorough contempt in which Our Rulers, including former ones, hold the Constitution and the serfs it was designed to protect.


11:46 am on January 30, 2015