• More Americans Support Legalization of Marijuana than Stimulus Package

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    According to Rasmussen, 40 percent support legalization, while 38 percent of those polled think that “stimulus plan passed by Congress will help the economy.”

    While that is relatively good news, notice that the question of whether one thinks the stimulus plan will work is a separate question from whether or not one actually supports the stimulus package.

    Other polls have shown that only a minority feel confident that the stimulus plan will work while a majority has still felt it was important to pass the plan.

    I can only surmise this stems from the belief that it is better to do “something” than “nothing.” In this case, “something” involves hundreds of billions (by now, several trillions) in deficit spending just on the off chance that it actually works. “Nothing” of course, involves letting people live their lives without being subjected to massive new taxation in the form of inflation and deficit spending for totally unproven reasons.

    The public simply doesn’t get that there are real world effects of spending trillions of dollars that one does not have, but the effects have yet to be seen, so the bailout seems to be of low cost, and of course, we must do “something” even if that something may prove to be ultimately disastrous to the economy.


    10:58 am on February 21, 2009