Ministerial Masks

About the time I assume that nothing could be more outrageous than the last horror and I am done being stunned, a new monstrosity presents itself. Such as these masks “in liturgical colors”—I kid you not: “Off-White/Ivory, Green, Purple, Red, Blue”— from CM Almy, “a family owned company that manufactures vestments, apparel and decorative accessories for the Church and clergy. When the Coronavirus hit, we pivoted quickly to face masks and other PPE.”

Well, bully for you. I guess you know your market: none of this trusting to Providence to protect us from illness among clerics, is there?

Those “liturgical colors” don’t come cheap: a single mask costs $13.50. Wanna bet Parson Goat purchases his muzzles out of the always-scanty missionary budget?

When I lose sleep over such heresy, I’ll blame Roland Walkenhorst, who alerted me to this…product.

Meanwhile, Scott from Colorado inveighs against the oh-so-popular excuse among the Goats, “We wear masks to show our love for each other.” Scott asks, “Where is truth?  ‘Sanctify them by the truth.’  Truth should be the common basis for fellowship, not this squishy ‘love’  that is believing a lie.”

Amen! That’s not only a fine principle, it’s Scriptural:

“Love does not delight in evil, but rejoices with the truth.”  I Corinthians 13:6

Waaaaay past time Christ’s Church rejoiced in the truth. Though, at this point, I’d be happy if Christians simply upheld it. 


7:21 pm on July 30, 2020