Michigan’s Mandate on Masks Murders Another

When “Sean Ernest Ruis, 43, walked into [a convenience store] … at about 6:45 a.m. Tuesday, a 77-year-old male customer confronted him about not wearing a mask,” per Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s diktat “that masks must be worn inside businesses.”

You might think at his advanced age, the old coot would know enough to mind his own affairs. But no: the Masked Morons aren’t content to grovel and kowtow by themselves; they insist that we submit, too. Maybe it’s all that CO2 they inhale. 

At any rate, “[b]oth men left the store and got into an argument in the parking lot. Ruis stabbed the other man, then fled the area…”

The busybody landed in the hospital, or so I assume, in “stable condition.” Let’s pray they keep him a good long while: the streets of Lansing will be pleasanter without his hectoring.

Meanwhile, cops hunted down poor Mr. Ruis. “Video released by police” shows a deputy “fir[ing] several shots at Ruis, who continues approaching her until he’s close enough to touch her. After the first round of shots, she quickly backs up. When Ruis continues toward her, she fires more rounds until Ruis collapses.” He “died in surgery at a Lansing area hospital.”

My money says that unlike George Floyd’s assailants, neither the deputy nor her accomplice, Whitmer the Wicked Witch, need fear any sort of penalty for their butchery. 

But those of us who love freedom should remember this incident. And add it to the scores to settle one day.

Thanks to James Nellis for alerting me to this story in the Lansing State Journal. And wonder of wonders, I must actually compliment a corporate newspaper! The Journal surprisingly but subtly puts the blame for this senseless slaughter where it belongs: on the Wicked Witch. 

Whitmer’s mask order is a no-win for retailers, said Meegan Holland, vice president of communications and marketing at the Michigan Retailers Association. If retailers do enforce it – which they have to, under Whitmer’s order – there will be angry customers. If they don’t, they could put their business and other customers in danger.

Balderdash. But hey, this is the corporate media, so we can’t have everything.

“It’s a really tough position for retailers to be in because they’re going to make somebody angry no matter what they do,” Holland said.

Even before Whitmer mandated masks at indoor businesses, retail employees were abused by customers who did not want to wear a mask, Holland said. A security guard at a Flint Family Dollar store was shot and killed after an argument over wearing a mask in May. 

Wouldn’t that make the Wicked Witch even more culpable? “Malice aforethought” or some such?

A message was left with Whitmer’s office Tuesday.

I do hope it said, “Sic semper tyrannis.”


6:59 pm on July 14, 2020