Medical Tyranny in the Medical Market

Scott in Colorado writes-

Yesterday I waited outside in the parking lot of my dentist instead of wearing a mask in the empty air-conditioned waiting room.

I had to fill out a “Covid-19” form asking many personal questions,


and then I had my temperature taken before being allowed admittance to have my teeth cleaned.

I call these, not Jim Crow laws, but Scare Crow laws.  People are so scared of a seasonal virus, that one must be masked, temperatured, and documented before entering their properties.

After 9/11 we were all “guilty until proven innocent.”  While that remains true, now in 2020 we are all “diseased until proven healthy.”

It is tyranny either way.


I cancelled an appointment with my ophthalmologist this morning because his website warns that he’s mistaking customers and patients for lepers, a la Scott’s dentist. Oh, and masks are “recommend[ed].” When the receptionist asked if I’d like to reschedule, I hollered as pleasantly as possible, “NO! You’re not taking my temperature! This COVID crap is all a lie and these measures absurd and I won’t participate in it! If you revert to normal practice, let me know, and I’ll be back. But not until!”

I stunned her to speechlessness. Not quite the effect I wanted, but close enough.


5:28 pm on July 9, 2020