• Media Infantilism, Ours and Theirs

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    Isn’t it funny how sometimes when the government media in an authoritarian society makes a claim — such as Syrian state press claims that the armed insurgents are responsible for this or that atrocity, or Bin Laden’s claims that he was irritated at the US for stationing troops in Saudi Arabia and favoring Israel — it is when serving US foreign policy goals written off as the hysterical lying propaganda of a ruthless dictator or madman?

    However when the US media is echoing the regime in beating the war drums, as they have been doing for the past several weeks on North Korea, every claim by the state controlled media in this or that foreign authoritarian state is to be taken as the Gospel truth.

    Thus when Drudge headlines in enormous print size: “NKOREA APPROVES ‘MERCILESS’ NUKE ATTACK ON US” we are supposed to be terrified and believe that the young Kim is ready to strike. It is all just manipulation.

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    3:01 pm on April 3, 2013