Meddling Michelle

Writes Ralph Raico:

Michelle Obama is engaged in a noisy campaign to determine the eating habits of the country’s kids. To fight the “epidemic” of obesity and insure proper nutrition, school lunches are to be monitored as to calories, fats, proteins, sugars, etc. But the kids are in revolt. Many of them have taken to the Internet (of course) with photos of the paltry amounts of food, the disgusting slop on offer in the school cafeteria, and trash bins full of discarded lunches. Students are brown-bagging it as well, or skipping out for a couple of slices at the nearby pizzeria. This set me to wondering, when did it become the job of the First Lady to lead a crusade on behalf of some cause or other? The earliest case I can think of was Ladybird Johnson, who championed the cause of “beautification.” Easy to imagine what the concept of beauty meant to those two Texas hustlers. Some joker composed a tribute to Ladybird, a takeoff on Keats: “A thing of beautification is a joy forever.” Why don’t presidents’ wives simply take care of their own children and grandchildren, just mind their own damn business, and leave the American people alone.


9:40 am on December 12, 2014