McConnell and Ryan Join the Anti-Trump Anti-Russian Bandwagon

This whole flap about Russian influence is strictly political. It’s a newfound hammer in the hands of those who oppose Trump in both parties and who wish to control his decisions and behavior. They want to restrict him now and enhance their own positions of power. That’s what this is all about, because it’s a meaningless issue. A side benefit to taking the anti-Russian position and calling for investigations is that there is, at least on the surface, almost no downside. Trump’s antagonists think that they can’t go wrong by taking this stance; but they can and they are. They’re digging their own graves.

We are seeing that people like McConnell and Ryan are hypocrites and fail to have the interests of Americans in mind. If they did, they’d have been investigating the American government! Just think of all the possible places and ways to investigate! The Pentagon has wasted unbelievable amounts of money in Afghanistan, for example. There should have been a dozen inquiries about the attacks on Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Yemen.

Trump cannot allow this kind of nagging about Russia and the election to go on. He will start to retaliate. He can ignore these clowns only so long, a strategy that works up to a point. It’s called benign neglect. However, if this thing festers and continues to make headlines, as it has for 3 straight days, then he has to cut some of these idiot Republicans and Democrats adrift in some way. Any president has power to do this, but it takes political skill, manipulation of money and pork barrel projects, control over the party, and knowing where the skeletons are. Trump cannot let stand the notion that he’s won an election because of Russian influence or that he’s partial to Russian interests, because either of these will tie his hands. Trump is going to push back, if only to call out these foes of his by name and in public.


8:38 pm on December 12, 2016