May I Trade My Congressman for Ron Paul?

Mark Thornton writes to the Galveston, Texas, County News:

“I’m obviously not from Galveston, but I have family there from both sides of my family and will be vacationing there this coming week. I wanted to comment on the letter about Rep. Ron Paul voting against two lobby reform bills. I have known Ron for 24 years and I know that he voted against the bills because he (and I) believe they are unconstitutional.

“Ron gets the least amount of special interest money in the entire Congress, so go look somewhere else for the bad guys (e.g. those 400+ reps that voted for these so-called reform bills) and take pride in having the best Representative in the nation. I would trade you my own Congressman and every penny I own for Ron Paul.”


4:01 pm on June 15, 2007