• Mass Murder and Property Destruction Is ‘Not Valued’

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    It’s not valued by private-sector employers in the free market, that is, according to a Reuters headline about Iraq and Afghanistan military veterans who are having trouble finding jobs. Veterans apparently cannot understand why such experiences, which they call “military service,” does not make them marketable in the private sector.

    Here’s a job tip for these veterans: You screwed up, dude. You should have gone to trade school or a community college instead of signing up for a mass killing adventure  in a Middle East desert. You were fooled. You were lied to by your government. You did not do a damn thing to “defend your country.” All you did was help make more enemies for your country, while making life more dangerous for all of your friends and family via a possible future “blowback” attack. So don’t behave like a “greatest generation” veteran and spend the rest of your life wearing one of those stupid ball caps describing what unit you were in when you went on a killing spree when you were 19.


    8:09 am on October 30, 2011