Mass HIV Tests?

Mass airport searches, mass Boston house searches, and now mass HIV tests? That’s what a U.S. panel recommends. The actual and potential scope of national laws is virtually unlimited, and all such laws are MASS laws that treat everyone alike and treat everyone like a cockroach, and cockroaches have no rights, which makes these MASS laws brute force laws and stupid laws.

The facts on HIV infections should give one pause, if appeal to rights doesn’t. Homosexual men account for 63 percent of new infections. Here’s another breakdown. In 2000, 36 percent of AIDS cases were associated with using needles to inject drugs. Infections are significantly higher among Hispanic and African-American than among white people.

The degree of insanity produced by the American government is increasing all the time because it has the whip hand.


4:25 pm on April 30, 2013