Marco Rubio: Income Redistributionist

Conservative darling Marco Rubio says he has a “better way” to fight poverty than LBJ’s war on poverty. Speaking in the LBJ room of the Capitol, Rubio proposed a new system to fight poverty that would be more efficient, a Flex Fund that would give money to the states so that they could design their own poverty fighting programs.

There are two glaring problems with this. 1. It is not the job of government to fight poverty. 2. Money given to the states is still taken from taxpayers. Rubio wants to continue the massive income redistribution that takes place in this country but do it in a different, more efficient way.

A better way would be for the federal government to end welfare spending, cut taxes to the bone, and get rid of all the rules and regulations that hinder businesses and increase poverty.


9:42 am on January 9, 2014