Mandatory Evacuation Orders

From: T

Sent: Sunday, November 10, 2019 2:18 AM


Subject: Mandatory Evacuation Orders

Dear Walter,

On October 26th, a very nice Saturday afternoon in our town; we were all given mandatory evacuation orders by the county sheriff. We had to leave town by 4 PM or else.

What does Libertarianism say about mandatory evacuation orders by the government?

Thank you for all of your correspondence and work for liberty.


Dear T:

As it happens, I’ve recently written about just that issue:

Hint: I oppose governmental mandatory evacuation orders.

Block, Walter E. 2019. “U.S. Largess vs. Canadian Cruelty; The best approach to floods is freedom and responsibility.” September 18; Wall Street Journal, p. A. 13;;

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3:09 am on November 29, 2019