Making Mandates the Butt of a Joke

A fireman in Los Angeles responded so aptly to the coercion surrounding the Jab that he’s sure to become a legend:

The unidentified LAFD employee, who was served with a non-compliance letter from the fire department, pulled down his pants and wiped his buttocks with it, before leaving it on the ground.

I do hope our hero enjoyed a particularly extravagant evacuation prior to said wiping.

Naturally, Mr. Brown “is under investigation.” Which has the leeches affiliated with his bureaucracy anti-social-distancing themselves from him with a vengeance: one union “called the incident a ‘terminable’ offense” while professing to be “sickened and disgusted by this horrific display of unprofessionalism…” And, believe me, thugs who break kneecaps know “unprofessionalism” when they see it.

Meanwhile, “the president of the fire commission … was ‘beyond appalled.’” So it’s all the more surprising that Mr. Brown “has been placed on a paid administrative leave.” Unless, of course, the über-crats appreciate his cheekiness.

Thanks to Bill Martin for sharing this laugh with us. 


1:10 pm on November 26, 2021

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