Making America Stupid Again

This script of the native American drummer “being harassed” has gone overboard.

I cannot believe how many people believe every false narrative they see on social media, especially when it is one of those well-edited videos accompanied by a graphic overlay of “what happened” that is meant to indict one party while drawing sympathy for the other party that is deemed to be the “victim.” These videos, always, are designed to lock you into the point of view of the presenter without daring to question it, because to do so would be so politically incorrect that you’d be too ashamed and too intimidated to be the one non-believing outlier that stands out in front of your friends on social media. Opining on the side of the so-called “victim” without having an understanding of the framework and context is virtue-signaling for the sake of winning approvals.

The “what happened” should immediately be objectively questioned rather than forming a spontaneous emotional reaction and making an uninformed comment. What happened with the native American drummer is not what the MSM has presented to us. Folks should have suspected that without ever having to see this full-footage video. What all happened is still up for grabs, but what is known is that the MAGA youths were approached and/or harassed by the drummer and others in the crowd because of they way they looked, and what they were wearing. And here’s another video showing the MAGA youths being approached.

Questions, people, ask the questions first. Howard Stern was right when he said social media is going to kill all of us.


7:38 am on January 20, 2019