Major Shift Occurring

Major shifts in sentiment are occurring at this time, from negative to positive.

These are on at least 3 fronts contributing to these shifts: COVID, antifa/BLM riots, and public knowledge of Democrat and deep state corruption.

COVID-19 is peaking in states like Texas.

More and more doctors are speaking out rationally about COVID and the excessive measures taken against it.

More and more favorable comments about HCQ are appearing.

Teachers’ unions have reached an extreme of lobbying for no school openings in the fall, even though children are nearly all safe from COVID-19. This position will create a backlash.

The COVID-19 episode is winding down. It can now serve as a wakeup call if we are smart and humble enough to look objectively at how we handled it: the good, the bad and the ugly.

A major challenge still faces us, which is over a vaccine. That part is not over.

Riots are petering out.

Arrests of antifa criminals are rising. Antifa is being placed more on the defensive.

Further antifa rioting at this point and prior to the elections can occur, but it will produce a backlash among independents and undecideds against those who support it. Major Democratic support of antifa won’t occur again. The maximum racism mileage has been extracted already from recent deaths. But we must face the fact that the wild card is a new incident or new martyrs.

The Department of Justice is speaking out more firmly and making its case against riots and rioters. Photos of Molotov cocktails and heavy weapon clips are a signal of the shift. These are not plants or false flags; they are really antifa material.

Public sentiment is shifting against the violence in cities. It’s certainly not supporting it except among rabid Democrats who can’t see it or think straight about the difference between peaceful protests and heavy violence.

Voluntary formation of protective militias is a signal of the change in attitude.

Only a mere handful of mayors signed on to a recent statement against federal agents in their cities.

Defunding police has reached and passed its peak as the public observes what happens in cities like Seattle and Portland. This is starting to hurt BLM. Also the agenda of BLM is starting to alienate more people as it becomes known.

Antifa is starting to irritate more and more black people, and the death of John Lewis has signaled the division between peaceful black protest and white attempts to destabilize the whole system.

Antifa’s lack of a positive agenda and its nihilism are causing it to lose what support it had in the general public.

Key Democrats have been captured on video making extreme statements in support of “protestors” like antifa and against law and order. This is going to lead to devastating campaign ads against them.

More and more documents made public are making the case against the Democrats who faked the Russia collusion hoax. This entire scandal is about to break in public before the election.

Biden is peaking in the biased polls and Trump is making a bottom and starting to rise. Biden has to face the debates.

Moronic and hurtful extremes are being reached in the area of WOKE.

Cases of people being persecuted for perfectly innocent statements are starting to turn the public against the WOKE presence in universities.

Censorship by major media giants (the likes of YouTube, Facebook, Twitter) is becoming so open and extreme that it too is provoking major counter-reactions. The tide is turning in this area too.

America is a big country. It’s not in the throes of a major crisis, no matter how bad headlines and certain hot spots may make it seem. The country is going to survive the inane actions taken by officials who panicked over a virus. It will survive the incredible Russia collusion hoax. It will survive the totally insane lockdowns that have crippled so many businesses. If we are smart, we will never, ever, ever, do anything so stupid, so suicidal, again.

One thing that has not shown signs yet of peaking and reversing is the hate campaign of Democrats. They continue an incredible capacity to lie, take statements out of context, make up false attributions, etc. Another thing that hasn’t changed is the incredible lifelessness of Republicans in countering the Democrats. In addition, what life or spirit they have shown has actually been against Trump and often in direct support of Biden.


9:18 am on July 28, 2020