Mafia-esque Nature of Politics Revealed

I confess to having watched about 5 minutes or so of the Republican “debate” last night, and caught the segment where one of the Fourteen Dwarfs condemned Trump because he “gave money to Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer!!!”  Trump’s response was to explain that, as a businessman, he of course had to grease the palms of “everyone” in politics, Democrat, Republican, whatever, if he wanted to be in business.  Every real estate developer in America knows this.  They also know that this is essentially extortion money that is no different from Mafia “protection” money.  “You wanna do business in my neighborhood, you gotta gimme my take.”  Or, “No building permits for you unless you give my son and wife a job and ‘contribute’ to my campaign.”  That of course is why most people get into politics — to legally solicit and collect bribes.


4:46 am on September 17, 2015