Lyin’ Joe Biden

The Demo-Bolsheviks are lying through their teeth to Florida seniors in their TV campaign ads for Biden.  One cuts and pastes Trump’s words to make it appear that he says “We want to terminate healthcare.”  Not Medicare but “healthcare” in general.  No more doctors, hospitals, nurses, nothing.  Yeah, right.  Another delcares:  “Donald Trump will end Social Security in three years.”

As with all collectivists, whether they call themselves Marxists, communists, fascists, Democrats, Progressives, etc., they believe that the ends justify the means, and the means includes telling mountains of outlandish lies about their opponents.  Abe Lincoln was an early-day master of this dark art, by the way, writing myriad anonymous letters to the editor smearing his opponents.


7:33 pm on October 14, 2020

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