“Lunacy” in Academia?

Tyler: So, the president of Northwestern University decries as “idiots” and “lunatics” those who question his school’s commitment to the infantilization of the minds and spirits of students. What would the world be like if the established order had to deal with college graduates who were independent, self-directed, and mature enough to be able to deal with “bad” and “hateful” words without having had the experience of doing so in the absence of a rubber-walled “safe” room to run to and hide in? Oh, oh, oh! And how many tens of thousands of tuition dollars do students and their parents have to come up with, each year, for such “protection”?

Does this Northwestern president have anything to say about its football team having worn uniforms consisting of helmet-to-shoes American flags, complete with blood-like spatters throughout? Will on-campus concerns about “idiocy” and “lunacy” include an examination of the university’s apparent commitment to the war system, or will the president – like the students – be found hiding out in a “safe room” lest he otherwise have to confront discomforting ideas and practices?


1:50 pm on September 26, 2016