Transfer to Loyola University

Sent: Wed 7/26/2017 1:08 PM
Subject: A few questions from a student
Dear Mr. Block, Hello, this is R. I have written you before asking what an economics major should minor in. I have a couple of questions again, if you don’t mind answering me. I am currently going to school, and I am wondering what kind of math is used in economics so I can choose what math classes I should take? Second, when I first wrote you, you said I should major in mathematics. I came across a letter with someone asking you “Where to go to undergraduate college to study Austrian economics?”, and they said they were going to minor in English, and you recommended that they minor in math, or, stats, or political science or history. So, I am guessing political science is a good minor for an economics major? Because it is what I want to minor in or double major in. And my last question is how do I find out if my credits at the school I am currently attending transfer to Loyola? It is currently my wish, and dream to come study under you, and your fellow colleagues in the economics department! Well, have a pleasant day Mr. Block. P.S. I am currently watching your lecture at Mises University. Great stuff! Thank you, R

Dear R: Thanks for your kind words. An economics major should minor in anything he wants to. My suggestion is to either minor in nothing at all, and instead take more courses in economics. Or, minor in whatever subject is the most fun, is of the most interest. However, if you want to get a phd in economics, then I suggest you minor in mathematics and statistics. Calculus and linear algebra would be good. I’m delighted you want to transfer to Loyola University to study with me and my several free enterprise colleagues. I will put you in touch with someone at Loyola to discuss transfer credits. In the fall of 2017 I will be teaching a course in Industrial Organization – AntiTrust Economics. I’d be very happy if you could take this course with me.


2:10 pm on July 30, 2017