Loyola University Maryland Admits: Walter Block Was Right!

Readers of LewRockwell.com may recall that two years ago, Professor Walter Block was maliciously libeled by the administration and economics department at Loyola University Maryland.  He was accused of “insensitive speech” during a campus lecture, which is the Highest Crime Known to Man in the eyes of today’s university bureaucracies.  Bring back the Nuremberg Trials!  No one from Loyola ever stated what exactly Dr. Block said that was so insensitive that he deserved to be libeled.  To this day, no one has revealed this dark secret.  The most likely candidate, however, is Dr. Block’s response to a student question about causes of the black/white wage gap.  Dr. Block responded in an admirably scholarly way by listing various answers to that question that have been offered by economists and other academics, including the very mainstream explanation of productivity differences, that can themselves have many causes, such as unequal educational experiences.

This is apparently what caused the president of Loyola University Maryland to handout the (electronic) pitchforks and torches to a rabble of left-wing students and faculty (and the easily manipulated fools in the economics department).

But, lo and behold, on today’s Loyola University Maryland Web site is an announcement of a distinguished lecturer who will appear on campus TO MAKE THE EXACT SAME ARGUMENT THAT WALTER BLOCK WAS LIBELED FOR! (Look under “News/Events” on the right hand side of the site).

This distinguished expert on the subject of education will speak on “Understanding and Responding to the Achievement Gap,” which he defines as “an achievement gap between students of different races.”  What?!!  There are productivity/achievement differences based on race?!!!   Someone call the campus police!!

I suppose it would be appropriate for me to imitate the behavior of the president of Loyola University Maryland and  send an email out to all Loyola students, faculty, and alumni condemning this man as “insensitive” while bloviating endlessly and in high sanctimony about my personal commitment to fighting racism, sexism, and all forms of discrimination.   I’ll blog the letter when the time comes.


2:27 pm on October 28, 2010