Look Out, Stalin: The USSA Is Gaining On You

Soviet Russia savagely persecuted its Christians-–and now the People’s Democratic Republic of Idaho does, too, albeit not as horrifically.


The oh,-too-appropriately named Moscow, Idaho, arrested and caged five believers last Wednesday when “more than 150 people attended …[an]  event in which hymns were sung at … City Hall.” Worse, Idaho’s despots have doubled down on this anti-Constitutional and anti-American tyranny with the excuse du jour. Actually, du année: 

The people cited and arrested Wednesday at a Christ Church-hosted “flash psalm sing” appeared to be in violation of the city’s face mask/social distancing order and police “acted appropriately” and were “within their authority” to cite and arrest, City Attorney Mia Bautista said.

But if Moscow’s Marxists hoped to intimidate the Lord’s people, they failed miserably. One of the five arrested,

Latah County Commission candidate Gabriel Rench … said Christ Church will have another singing event at 5 p.m. … [last Friday] at Moscow City Hall to worship and petition the order. He said he will be there.

“I’ll do round two, man,” Rench said. “I’ll do round two for sure, you know. I hope it doesn’t go that way. I have a First Amendment right to do this and the cops are breaking their oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States that they swore they would.”


And at the next “psalm sing” that Friday, the numbers of the naked-face chorus had skyrocketed: “roughly 400 maskless Christ Church members and others sang psalms. There were no arrests or citations,” because, says Kevin, who sent me this story, “It seems concerns about national attention prevented officers from furthering the travesty.” 

Rench’s determination to sing more psalms despite his arrest didn’t exhaust his heroism: he

said an officer was going to write a citation and asked repeatedly for Rench’s identification, but Rench considered the question illegitimate because of the “unconstitutional resolution.”

Speaking of heroes, Christ Church enjoys a surfeit of them:

Pastor Doug Wilson said police were calm, professional and polite but they did not have any business issuing the citations because the attendees were expressing their First Amendment rights.

“There was no misbehavior in terms of the protocols for arresting someone but you really shouldn’t be arresting someone for singing a hymn without a mask, Wilson said.

“I think the police need to be thinking long and hard about how wrong-headed the orders have to get before they don’t enforce them anymore,” Wilson added.

Whoa! Not even a whiff of the Goats about him, is there?


City workers painted colorful rings 6 feet apart on … [City Hall’s] parking lot pavement to aid attendees in social distancing.

“To aid attendees…” Talk about ham-fisted propaganda! Since when do supposedly free citizens obey such picayune and absurd orders?

I trust these devout patriots stood as far outside the circles as they think outside the box.


4:36 pm on September 29, 2020