Leave Cam Newton Alone

Cam Newton is what happens when the victim classes go at one another — black man victimizes a woman. And then you watch the world go mad because shaming a fellow member of the victim classes isn’t an easy thing to do.

This whole thing is still going on especially given Cam’s recent misplacement of words concerning Rosie the Riveter. It’s clear that Cam’s original comments were not derogatory, but rather, he was complimenting the reporter on her perceived knowledge. Yet this highly-paid performer was forced to publicly grovel for upsetting some idiot.

Maybe these bimbos ought to stay out of professional sports locker rooms. Their platform for identity politics shouldn’t be in the midst of naked men unwinding after a game who are trying to perform their job without having their locker rooms turn into a safe space for the easily offended.

Robin Herman, the first women to enter the all-male domain of The Locker Room, once said about her moment: “It was at height of the women’s movement,” Herman said. “It was important to be bold. It was a matter of equity.”

Of course, a purely political purpose from the beginning.


6:26 am on October 10, 2017