Lock Down the Borders, Immobilize Everyone, Spy on Everyone

“Interior and justice ministers from Europe and the U.S. gathered in Paris on Sunday, calling for increased Internet surveillance and stricter border security to counter attacks like the massacre at the Charlie Hebdo weekly newspaper.”

Pitiful, pitiful, pitiful. So-called leaders are pitiful. They can only think in terms of brute force to deal with any situation. They are already calling for even tighter border control and spying on civilians to counter Paris-like attacks. Yes, even though such measures will do absolutely nothing to reduce further attacks. Such measures will only lock everyone down, inconvenience travelers, and ramp up the police state spying.

Eric Holder said “We must also deal with underlying causes that cause these things to occur, that somehow radicalize these people to take actions that we all find to be an affront to humanity.” Why does he not say what these causes are? Why does he restrict his thinking to what is called the “radicalization” process? Do you mean to tell me that after fighting a war on terror for 14 years that a top official like Holder cannot articulate the motivations of terrorists and grasp what has radicalized them? Do you mean to tell me that the U.S. government is so inept and wasteful that after spending trillions on wars and on the CIA and other intelligence outfits, its officials still are clueless about the roots of terrorism? The first Trade Towers attack was actually 22 years ago, and terrorism has a long history before that! Is Holder playing dumb or are he and others actually that dumb? If he and others are that ignorant or that stupid, how can they possibly protect anything or anybody, and why should they have the power to tax the country on the pretext of supplying protection? On the other hand, if Holder and other U.S. officials know the causes and grasp that U.S. policies are responsible for blowback, why are they keeping this secret and misleading the public, if not to continue to play their hidden game of expansion of American dominance?


2:37 pm on January 11, 2015