Live by the Lawyer, Die by the Lawyer

Chief Justice John Roberts must have thought that he was ingratiating himself forever with the Deep State establishment when he concocted the hairbrained notion that government-mandated purchases of government-mandated health insurance was “constitutional” because of the punitive tax attached to it imposed on anyone who refused this particular ruling class dictate. Congress has the power to tax, he said, therefore “Obamacare” is constitutional.  Slick.  Or so he thought.

But then the Trump tax reform bill eliminated the tax effective January 1, thereby eliminating as well the chief black-robed deity’s phony declaration of constitutionality.  It’s now official:  Last night a federal judge ruled “Obamacare” to be unconstitutional because of the elimination of the tax penalty.

This is all just the latest example of the absurdity of placing everyone’s liberty in the hands of five government lawyers with lifetime tenure (a majority of the supreme court), something that the Jeffersonian constitutional tradition thought of as the very essence of tyranny.


11:59 am on December 15, 2018