“Little Platoons”

This kind of pedantic debate is why I have never considered myself a conservative,

especially now.

This absurd conservative stress on “little platoons,” or “think locally, act locally” is especially ridiculous today with the hard reality of the leviathan welfare/warfare state, the American empire abroad stretching across the globe with over 900 bases in 130 countries, the draconian militarization of local police in cities, towns, and communities, coupled with an ever increasing invasive regulatory state at home at every level of government, totalitarian surveillance over every aspect of communication by the plethora of known intelligence entities of the domestic deep state, from the NSA to the Israelis, British, and others in joint partnership or covert alliance (such as the Five Eyes).

In my lifetime, I have watched “conservatives” play a clear and substantive role in creating this monstrosity, and any chanting of Burkean platitudes much as the Red Guards chanted Maoist nonsense during the Cultural Revolution in China, is no answer.

The answer is to identify and expose how this monster arose and was empowered, naming the names of the traitorous and treacherous individuals and groups involved. This is why for almost 20 years my principal investigation and writing has focused upon power elite analysis.

(Such as here, here, and here.)


2:02 pm on March 29, 2020