Libertarians for Trump?

From: Richard Gaylord

Sent: Tuesday, February 11, 2020 12:32 AM

To: Walter Block <>



a practical question: as a supporter of Donald Trump (leader of ‘Libertarians for Trump’), how do you feel about his ‘reign? As an anarchist (of the anarcho-capitalist variety), you may cheer the demise of democracy, but since you know it will not be replaced by an anarchaic  system of your liking, how do you feel about Trump’s dismantling (with the collusion of McConnell and the Republican party) of our current form of government? do you expect it will be replaced by form of government that is more libertarian or less Libertarian.?


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Dear Richard:

Joke: the economist was asked: “How is your wife?” Came the answer: “Compared to what?”

In like manner, if we compare the Donald to an An Cap like Murray Rothbard, or, a splendid libertarian like Ron Paul, then I prefer the latter to the former.

On the other hand, if we compare Mr. Trump to any of the leading democratic contenders, I prefer the former.

As to Tulsi, I’m ambivalent; I’d give a very slight nod to Donald, but I’m not really sure about this, as I am in the above cases.

See on this for Tulsi:

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4:51 pm on May 1, 2020