Libertarian horror

Make sure you catch The Host, a great South Korean monster film. Not only is this a really fun monster movie, it is also anti-state and anti-imperialist. The “host” of the title is a monster created when a thoughtless representative of the US military orders his Korean assistant to dump a bunch of chemicals into a river. Most of the film concerns the efforts of a family to rescue their daughter from the monster. The families’ efforts are continuously frustrated by government officials who refuse to listen to anyone not connected with the state. Without exception, every government agent in the film expects all civilians to mindlessly obey the government’s orders, questioning the state’s edits in any way is treated as evidence of either criminal intent or mental illness. Periodic news bulletins reveal the Korean government is more concerned with pleasing their imperial masters in the US government than protecting the people–if Chalmers Johnson made a monster movie, he would make The Host.

Catch it on the big screen if you can, rent it on DVD if you must, but see this film. It may be the most fun libertarians will have at the movies this year!


6:38 pm on April 9, 2007

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