Libertarian Home Schooling

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From: D
Sent: Monday, December 25, 2017 3:23 AM
Subject: Profound Thanks & Homeschooling Question

Dear Professor Block, First and foremost, thank you for the immense amount of literature you have produced over the years – it has been invaluable in my finding of liberty. Secondly, I must confess that whenever I read about the so-called “Catholics” with whom you interact at Loyola University, I am both pained, and joyful. Pained because of the bad name they give to Catholicism, and joyful because, like those who reject the absurd status-quo of left and right in politics, I (along with increasing numbers of young people, similar to the liberty movement) am blessed to have discovered Traditional Catholicism; i.e., Catholicism as it was before the Second Vatican Council – reasoning from first principles, solid philosophy, respecting liturgical and intellectual traditions, etc. Actually, I see significant similarities in both movements, in that they both largely involve a return to principles which our generations of forefathers would have considered so obvious, that they formed a part of Western culture’s DNA for over a thousand years – and yet now are roundly rejected by the mainstream. My question is simple, and relates to material for homeschooling. As I will certainly be homeschooling my children, can you suggest a homeschooling curriculum which incorporates your work, along with the work of other solid libertarians (Hans Hoppe, Murray Rothbard, Ron Paul, Tom Woods, etc.)? My first daughter is not yet one year old, but it is never too early to begin planning for the education of future libertarians. I want to make sure that instead of finding authors like yourself after having been brainwashed by public education, my children are able to encounter the building Blocks (ha.ha.ha) of liberty from a young age. God Bless, and Merry Christmas! P.S. – Thanks to your marketing efforts in response to other questions, I have donated to the Mises Institute this Christmas. Keep up the good work! D

Dear D:

Thanks for your kind comments about my contribution.

The Ron Paul Home School program I think will fill the bill:

It is my understanding that Tom Woods and Gary North have made important contributions to this initiative. I confess, I’m not familiar with the actual program. My children are a little too old for it and my grandchildren, too young. When the get a little older, I’ll recommend it to their parents, sight unseen, because anything with the names Paul, North and Woods attached to it will necessarily be very valuable.


10:53 pm on December 25, 2017