Is Leviathan Insane or Merely Jaw-Droppingly Incompetent?

Wisconsin’s former governor, Tommy Thompson, was also Secretary of Health and Human Services under George W. Bush. Speaking of Obummercare on Tuesday, he said “that 70-80 percent of the law was actually written after it passed Congress because it relied on countless ‘the secretary shall’ clauses as a replacement for actual legislative language.”

That would be the secretary of Health and Human Services, of course. Which, under Obummer, was Kathleen Sebelius. And of her, ol’ Tom opines, “’She really didn’t understand healthcare,’ but was in charge of implementing the massive healthcare law.”

Let that sink in for a moment. Not that such colossal ignorance among bureaucrats is unusual; it’s actually the norm. But you’ll seldom hear a ruler admitting it. Sebelius the Simpleton knew nothing about an enormous area of the economy, yet the Feds handed her virtually unlimited power over it.

And all because a handful of Americans lacked medical insurance. Some 20 million—about 6% of the population—allegedly “benefitted” from Obummercare, according to its author (other sources claim that Obummer exaggerated the number of newly insured by 42%), yet for their sakes, the Feds upended the entire market. Now it turns out Obummercare’s a wash, because “more people refused to buy health insurance than got on board with Obamacare, with the IRS reporting that in 2015, some 12.2 million Americans claimed an exemption and another 6.1 million paid the Obamacare tax. That’s at least 18 million people who cannot afford ‘affordable’ Obamacare.”

Sebelius may not have “understood healthcare,” but anyone wise to government knows that lack of insurance was only an excuse. Obummercare’s actual purpose was enabling elected and appointed sociopaths to grab yet more power over us.


2:55 pm on February 3, 2017