• Leviathan Eats Its Own Again

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    The Thieves and Sexual Assailants “humiliated” a Marine who lost both legs to a “roadside bombing.” When he tried to fly out of Sky Harbor in Phoenix, the thugs directed him to the wrong line; ordered him to get up out of his wheelchair and walk to the right one; rousted him from his chair a second time so they could search it; and insisted he remove his prosthetics for “inspection.”

    Sounds like something out of Hitler’s brutal, “life-unworthy-of-life” regime, doesn’t it? Among its endless crimes, surely the TSA’s casual cruelty and the acceptance it demands for its atrocities rank near the top of the list.

    As the depredations these sadists visited on this pitiable amputee nauseated me, I contrasted them with a whiney, self-pitying editorial John “The Pervert” Pistole published Monday. “…at times,” The Perv sobbed, “the opinions expressed about TSA security procedures and operating protocols are based on inaccurate or misleading information intended to sensationalize the topic.”

    Oh, I don’t think so. Who could improve on the bare facts of the TSA’s torturing a double-amputee? No “sensationalizing” is required or even possible.

    The Perv devoted the rest of his 736 words to nullifying his qualifier: “at times” is really “all the time” in the TSA’s bizarre universe. “…the rapid spread of inaccurate or misleading misinformation via news reporting or through social media, whether intentional or innocent, can have serious and lasting effects on the public’s perception of TSA and its ability to successfully meet its operational objectives.”  Yeah, we wouldn’t want anyone to get the wrong idea about why deviants in government’s uniforms are molesting children, groping nuns and expectant mothers, and shaming victims of cancer, handicapped kids, and amputees, now, would we?

    As you read Pistole’s last line, picture brownshirts-sorry, blue-shirted goons forcing a double-amputee to walk despite his obvious pain and mortification: “Instead of perpetuating negative opinions based on exaggerated or erroneous information, let us appreciate the men and women who dedicate themselves to this mission.”


    8:11 am on March 20, 2013