Leviathan as the Tenth Muse

Hard to believe that the nasty, stinking, ugly State can inspire poetry. But David Martin apparently specializes in turning garbage into gold:

      Moribund State Sloganeering

“If you see something, say something.”

Okay, very well:

I see a land that’s lost its way

And is likely bound for hell.

When men are small but their shadows large,

Here is what I fear:

As the ancient Chinese proverb says,

The sunset’s surely near.


David also sent me this take on the same theme, from an author who signs himself “cucumberlodge”

          See Something Say Something

              by cucumberlodge

Pleasantly misunderstood, thinks too much for his own good.

Talks of places far away, as if they mattered here today.

Committed to ideas it seems, not TV shows and football teams,

Speaking facts as if they’re news, inciting us to our own views.

His glance suspiciously worldwide, I’m not sure that he’s on our side.


7:40 pm on April 25, 2014