Level of Suspicion of Iran Is Irrationally High

On Google News, I searched on two words “Obama Iran”. This brought up an array of anti-Obama and anti-Iran news headlines. They include newspapers and periodicals, neocon sources, foreign sources, domestic politicians and even one celebrity. It is as if there has been launched a concerted attack against any U.S.-Iran deal. The Netanyahu speech has been the coagulating trigger, combined with the fast-approaching deadline to seal the deal.

The anti-Iran items cover a wide range of newspapers and a poll. As with “Russian aggression”, as with Iraqi weapons of mass destruction and Saddam’s “arsenal of terror”, so with “nuclear Iran”. The media are fully capable of planting and transmitting broadly a false meme. This has always been the case, going way, way back to slogans and yellow journalism of old. There is a great social-political weakness inherent in this process. Free political speech doesn’t automatically provide the assumed check and balance upon political malignancies that it is assigned in theories of democracies.

Here are a few of these headlines, since they will soon disappear from Google.

1. Republicans warn Iran against nuclear deal with Obama2. Obama strategy puts US in a weak position with Iran3. More voters side with Benjamin Netanyahu than Obama4. Giuliani calls Obama “extremely reckless” on Iran5. Giuliani attacks Obama’s “reckless” actions on Iran6. Netanyahu shows Obama’s deal with Iran is lose-lose7. Obama has already lost on Iran8. Bibi’s grand slam: Boxing in Obama on Iran’s nukes9. Israel and Saudi Arabia: Facing Iran and Obama together10. Saudi columnist declares Obama “One of the worst American Presidents over the Iran deal11. GOP senators, Menendez vow to oppose Obama’s deal12. How Obama is giving Iran a nuclear arsenal13. “Apocalyptically dangerous”: Actress Janine Turner fighting President Obama’s dealings with Iran14. Scholar says Obama like a “battered woman” when it comes to negotiations with Iran15. Why is Obama willing to sacrifice Israel’s existence for Iran?Obama rushing toward risky nuclear deal with Iran16. What Obama gets wrong about Iran17. Obama’s chilling Iran nuke lie18. Why Obama’s deal with Iran cannot be trusted19. Is Obama letting Iran take Iraq?20. Iran is having a great Obama presidency


11:16 am on March 9, 2015