Left-Wing, Great Reset Sabotage (and the media sleeps)

The party being funded by the FTX operation and Sam Bankman-Fraud is very adept at keeping the Media Machine focused on laughable flying balloons and white people problems while the Great Reset warriors continue their sabotage in the U.S.: train derailments, water contamination, destruction of food plants, attacks on the power grid, forest fires, and mass chicken-killing avian flu comedy. All of this is done in service of the Climate Change Narrative in order to create a clear path for the Great Reset to destroy this country.

Tucker Carlson discussed this sabotage at great length in his monologue from last night (February 13, 2023). The whole 15-minute segment is worth watching. Here he is with JD Vance on the Ohio train sabotage.


6:58 am on February 14, 2023