LeBron James Talks Trash to the President Again on CNN

Unlike all the other Republican politicians, Trump doesn’t just sit back and take it when a leftist ignoramus like LeBron James slimes and smears him on television.  He responds by defending himself and going on the offensive.  He behaves like a man, in other words, which is yet another reason why the man-hating femi-Nazis hate him so much.

The lying media scum have responded to Trump’s defending himself against this latest smear attack by insinuating that what he is really criticizing is the fact that LeBron James just put up the money for a small private school in Akron.  We’re supposed to believe that Trump is opposed to mega-wealthy athletes like James doing anything to help inner-city black kids.  No one is hereby permitted to criticize Lefty LeBron forevermore because he donated money to that school.


11:57 am on August 5, 2018