Laughing At Tyrants

What do George Carlin, Michael Malice, Lewis Black, H. L. Mencken, Bill Hicks, Mark Twain, Jim Goad, Dorothy Parker, Will Rogers, Mort Sahl, Florence King, Bill Maher, Lenny Bruce, Fran Lebowitz, Groucho Marx, Ambrose Bierce, Dennis Miller, W. C. Fields, Karl Kraus, Oscar Wilde, and Voltaire have in common? They were all curmudgeons, savage satirists of the imbecilities and pomposities of their age, who used humor as a trained surgeon used a scalpel to dissect and remove the cancerous tumors of political tyranny, deferential group think and stifling conformity from the human mind.


7:17 am on November 12, 2021