Klaus Schwab is Coming for Your Hot Dogs

The criminal media machine, replete with its stable of crude bot-style writing that is passing for journalism nowadays, has outdone itself on this one. A local Detroit outlet felt no shame whatsoever in posting this doozy: Mustard shortages are coming because of climate change.

National condiment shortage is coming and climate change could be to blame

But wait — there’s more. Please tune in with me for this stellar bit of reporting:

Carbon emissions are on the rise and so are severe weather conditions. Due to a severe drought in Canada, lacking harvests in France, and the war in Ukraine, mustard seed supply is way down. Both Russia and Ukraine are significant mustard seed producers, but due to the war, France cannot import seeds to make up for their losses. In Canada, production of mustard grains in 2021-2022 is estimated to have decreased by 28%.

So it’s a severe drought (climate change) + the US-led war in Ukraine (gotta sneak in that Russia blaming) that are shorting us all on our dear mustard seeds. Oh the pain of thinking about an all-American hot dog with only ketchup! Darn those CO2 emissions! And so our esteemed reporter continues:

French mustard producers reported that seed production in 2021 was down 50% after their poor harvests due to changing climate. France’s Burgundy region, one of the largest mustard seed production regions in the world, had unusually wet winters and cold springs three years in a row, not only cutting seed production by 50%, but overall production by 50% as well.

Wait … I thought it was a drought in Canada? But in France it was too cold and too wet? So is the point, here, that climate never changes, never has, and should never “change”? By all accounts from the Alarmists, changing from wet to dry, hot to cool, or anything in between is tantamount to a planet-ending crisis.

Lastly, the author Ms Russ, a college senior and propagandist-in-training, tells us that “This shortage is among us due to climate issues rather than supply chain issues, so consumer panic is beginning to set in.” Consumer panic? Yes folks, this teenage declaration is journalism, economics, and “science” at its finest. All rolled into one sentence.


3:43 pm on June 21, 2022