Keep Those Churches Closed—To Government 

Mark Nicholson urges that we lock our churches 

against the state….

In particular, our churches should not be unequally yoked with the world through incorporation. For decades we’ve lived in the cage with this tiger, mostly dormant except for prohibitions on political endorsements, certain kinds of employment regulations and taxes, and assorted other nuisances. 

Then comes homosexual marriage, and the tiger stirs. Covid, and it growls. The state does not need to make war with the church; it already rules the corporation. It will start to assert itself more, now.

Yes and amen to John MacArthur finally, belatedly, declaring the bounds of authority, and for acting on this truth. Extra credit for arguing from the eternal word rather than from the temporal constitution. But unless California makes a political calculation to back away, Grace Community Church, Inc. has a battle on it’s hands, and will probably lose.

When you’re incorporated, it’s not persecution, it’s just prosecution. We had better lock the doors.

Parson Goat, here’s a challenge: you shut Christ’s church to us, His flock. Will you now bar the doors against politicians and bureaucrats? Or are they firmly ensconced where the Lord Jesus used to be?


5:28 pm on July 30, 2020

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