Ka-Ching, Ka-Ching, Ka-Ching Over at Rothschild

Is that the sound I hear of a cash register taking in more money over at Rothschild? It must be, because the already-bankrupt country of England is enforcing yet another Orwellian law—this one is another one of those bogus “to protect the children” laws—that the Bank of Rothschild England is going to have to print up more money to lend to the gunvernment to pay for. And what is the gunvernment of England “protecting” the little tots from this time? Why, what else—”irresponsible” parents. Here’s the list of what the Gestapo Inspectors will check for in every home that has a child who is 15(!!!) years or younger:

“Inspectors will check whether families have installed smoke alarms, stair gates, locks on medicine cupboards, windows and ovens, and fitted temperature controls to stop bath water getting too hot.”

Now if only those “caring” bureaucRATs in the English gunvernment would show remorse for all of the innocent Arab civilians who have been murdered by English troops fighting alongside their American murdering counterparts in Iraq and Afghanistan—then I would believe that they are truly caring folks.

[Thanks to Travis Holte]


10:01 pm on May 18, 2010