Just What You Always Wanted

Peter Neffenger, Chief Culprit at the TSA, told the US Senate today that his abominable agency “is working with about a dozen airports to increasingly automate screening and create a ‘true curb-to-gate security environment, as opposed to just focusing it all around that checkpoint.'”

Oh, joy. Expect the line for the TSA’s charade to move from the checkpoint to the airport’s front door. Imagine queues wending their way out of the parking lot, onto the highway…

Remember that the very Senators histrionically wringing their hands over the TSA’s ineptitude and inconvenience could dissolve the agency at any time. According to “Commissioner Ann Marie Buerkle of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission,” “If [Congress is] watching [bureaucrats] do any kind of a regulation or promote a policy that is contrary to what they intended or contrary to the will of the American people, they could defund us like that.”

Yeah, but they won’t. I vote we rename the Senate; how about “The Wusses”? Or perhaps that’s not specific enough since it works for all of Congress.


2:52 pm on June 7, 2016