Judge Napolitano and Jon Stewart

Tom:  When Jon Stewart ordinarily has a guest on his show – whether to talk about a book they have written, or a movie/TV program they will be in – it is usually a one-on-one discussion between two people of shared philosophic outlooks. That was apparently too discomforting a format for Stewart when dealing with the good Judge.  I was surprised Stewart had Napolitano on at all – particularly to discuss Lincoln. Perhaps, like the proverbial elephant in the room, Lincolnism has become too hot a topic to continue to ignore.  What was interesting is how Stewart had to have four people (including himself) on-stage to confront the Judge’s comments.  Is this a quantitative expression of just how bankrupt the statists are in responding to their collective enemy (i.e., liberty)?


6:31 pm on March 12, 2014