Jordan Peterson Argues with ChatGPT

Prepare to have your mind blown.

Is there a way AI could PROTECT our freedoms – or will it guarantee a dystopian future? 

We are at the junction point of that choice… And yes, that’s our choice.

ChatGPT has exploded upon us and the world is rapidly shifting to integrate AI – whether we like it, or choose to stay ignorant about it, or not.

We’re all going to be radically impacted by AI in the next few years and need to get a minimum handle on this culture changing development.

It’s going to change our living and working worlds.

But what about us as people? As individual persons?

We may be able to use this new development to understand ourselves and how we think – and maybe make our own minds MORE creative in the process – perhaps more profoundly than ever before.

In this extraordinary cutting-edge conversation between Jordan Peterson and AI expert Brian Roemmele, ChatGPT and the Dawn of Computerized Hyper-Intelligence, many topics are covered including:

  • Does AI Hallucinate?
  • What Happens When ChatGPT LIES?
  • We Don’t Understand the Monsters We’re Building.
  • How to Hypnotize ChatGPT
  • What is PERSONALIZED AI and Will It Be the Savior of Individualism that May Actually PROTECT our Freedom from Government & Corporate AI?

…and much much more.

I highly recommend you invest the 2 hours to watch/listen to this entire interview. 

At a minimum please watch the first 90 seconds of it HERE.

I particularly recommend this interview for those interested in the future of Psychology and Human Interaction.

Please excuse the commercial ads. I don’t normally post things with ads but this is worth enduring them. 

Below find the timeline with several segments in BOLD I found particularly intriguing. 

(1:30) Intro

(2:12) Jordan Peterson argues with AI

(5:05) The limits of large language models

(6:40) Nobody knows how AI works behind the “hidden layer”

(8:58) Primitive language models

(11:22) The level of analysis that large language models can manage

(14:55) What we traded for the evolution of speech

(16:42) When ChatGPT lies

(17:47) The monsters we might be building

(22:58) A super intelligent child

(23:45) The question of understanding 

(24:23) Humanity is bound by emotional experience

(26:57) The Roomba

(28:46) Intelligence amplification

(30:18) Getting around the content filters, 

(31:17) AI could be used to catalog your consciousness

(36:22) Biological meaning is encoded, anxiety and emergent entropy

(45:59) You can now talk to the Bible

(47:34) Encoding Dr. Peterson as an AI, querying the greats

(52:30) Noise, signal, tokens, and superprompting

(56:00) Psychologists are better equipped to prompt AI

(57:28) The User Illusion, limitations of human bandwidth

(1:00:11) Military robots will never miss

(1:08:20) Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, the Omega Point

(1:09:45) We are already androids

(1:10:11) Trafficked and enslaved by benevolent data brokers

(1:13:06) It will be personal AI versus Government and Corporate AI

(1:16:25) Bitcoin as a form of communication 

(1:18:08) The library of Alexandria, the loss of great works and rewritten history

(1:21:26) The internet is breaking down

(1:22:22) Producing a localized AI system for individual use

(1:24:09) Linking disparate knowledge

(1:27:18) Using hypnotism on AI to bypass filters

(1:30:30) Edison. Nietzsche, and the hypnagogic state

(1:34:14) Increase creativity by embracing constraint

(1:38:01) Will AI be the death of creativity?

(1:39:09) Why non-STEM courses will make you an OP prompt engineer

(1:41:12) Great thinkers derive insights from unique intersections

(1:43:27) ChatGPT4All, compartmentalized information retrieval

(1:44:17) How world governments are approaching AI and privacy

(1:48:17) Are we headed towards a dystopian future?

(1:52:54) The depth of insight, debating variations of oneself

 (1:54:10) Diffusion models and how to implement human creativity




7:07 am on May 23, 2023